FGRRB On Site Training

Federal Government Receivables & Research Bureau (FGRRB)

While the conferences cover a large base of knowledge in government contracting, you may need more specific training to fit your company needs. Get one-on-one on-site training with George Reaver. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, George will work with you to develop a personalized on-site training agenda that will focus on the areas that you want targeted, allowing you to develop an understanding of contracting and finance issues just for your company.

On-site training will cut the cost of your company employees travel and time. With on-site training, you have very little down time since the training will involve your day to day work. Instead of sending one company representative to a conference to rely on their instruction to other employees, on-site training allows you to have multiple employees trained. 


Contact George Reaver today to discuss your objectives and how we can assist you.

Fees may be based on an hourly rate, fixed price/unit charge or contingent basis.

Please telephone 443.212.5460 or email georger@fgrrb.org

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