FGRRB Conference Registration

Federal Government Receivables & Research Bureau (FGRRB)

Payments received after July 8, 2022

The registration fee is for one password which may only be logged on to one computer at any given time. Multiple people may participate for the one registration fee assuming your fellow employee(s) have access to view and hear your computer screen such as in a conference room or similar environment. Login information, including passwords and other requirements will be emailed to you as we get closer to the virtual conference; approximately 10 days before the virtual conference. In addition, we will do a group test to assure know how to connect to the site.

If you have registered for the virtual conference and require more than one computer connection additional passwords are available at $295 each.

You may only purchase an additional password(s) if your firms location has already registered at the above pricing. 


  • Download Online Registration Form
    • Email completed Registration Form to georger@fgrrb.org
      • Email confirmations are provided to each registrant.
    • Mail completed Registration form:
      • FGRRB/Attn: George Reaver 14202 Dove Creek Way, Suite 302, Sparks, MD 21152